UI/UX Designer

We’re looking for an UI Designer who understands UX.

Who we are?
The first in Poland Software Home🏠 a place where digital products are built, polished and kept safe,
A tight-knit team of professionals with a fresh look on the mobile & tech world,
Born in Dragon Valley, surrounded by a fancy startup community,
Proud of successfully conducting numerous mobile projects & gaining a bunch of satisfied customers,
Productivity freaks & coffee lovers.
Know Sketch better than your wardrobe,
Can handle Photoshop and count pixels,
Have that special feel for a good design and understanding of Apple Values,
Have an online portfolio that we could admire,
Are proactive and self-contained - you make your juicy ideas come true,
Follow the hottest design trends, but at the same time have your own unique style,
Understand that good and functional design should be balanced between beautiful design and good user experience,
Can transform fancy ideas into simple wireframes.
You will get...
Flexible working hours (and place of work - a chance to work remotely, whenever you’ll be tired of office creativity),
Salary rate - depends on the experience,
Gummy bears and goodies in the kitchen,
A chance to work remotely, whenever you’ll be tired of Kraków,
A panda to pet and cheer you up,
One special beloved energy drink - coffee.
+ whatever you wish for within our budget :)
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