Medipanel is a clean and easy way to manage a medical practice. Easily schedule new appointments and track financial performance of the clinic. Many health service management systems available today are outdated and non user friendly. We wanted to think of a system that wouldn’t require employees to go through any type of training.
Lekolia is a mobile app for doctors that helps with their daily tasks by making the process of issuing prescriptions quicker and mistake-proof. With a huge database of medications Lekolia can provide information about reimbursed medication and new findings within seconds.
dscout’s remote research platform uses a mobile app and +100K eager participants to efficiently capture in-the-moment video and make insights easy to synthesize and share. dscout enables companies to do moments-based research in precisely targeted groups of people. This way, their products are easily adopted by the final users.The world’s most customer-obsessed companies use dscout to understand their people.
Race Dash
Race Dash delivers results and information from motorsports events from all over the world. When the chequered flag comes out, the results come in – straight to the app. Being up to date in the world of motorsports was never easier.
Snowcookie helps everyone who wants to learn how to ski. By integrating powerful hardware and software, skiing as we know it will be a thing of the past. Meet Snowcookie - your next personal ski trainer.
Talixo lets you book quality taxis and limousines online. It is a simple way to save money with the pre-booking option and a number of discounts and/or bonus points.
Live Life. List Life. Lili. Lili is a social network for creating and sharing lists about the things you care about most.
The first multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers. Stay on top of recent discoveries and never hit a paywall.
Socialmist is a social network that lets you express yourself with the music you love. Capture videos, search through millions of tracks, apply music, edit, and share among your social networks. The music on Socialmist is powered by SoundCloud.
Prototype your mobile animations, fast and easy. Whether you’re a developer or a designer - Juice app saves hours of your work. Juice helps you visualize your animation ideas. Now you can quickly build animation, record it or generate all the attributes that fit perfectly into your swift code.

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