dscout’s remote research platform uses a mobile app and +100K eager participants to efficiently capture in-the-moment video and make insights easy to synthesize and share. dscout enables companies to do moments-based research in precisely targeted groups of people. This way, their products are easily adopted by the final users.The world’s most customer-obsessed companies use dscout to understand their people.

Our Role
iOS App Development
Tech Support & Maintenance

Timeline milestones

A brand new dscout iOS app. When dscout validated their business idea with the MVP app, they needed a new (more complex) app to attract a bigger audience. UI and UX of the app has been rethought and redesigned. Our goal was to make their vision come true and help them to engage more users. To make it happen, we composed a completely new User Interface full of visual effects to catch people's attention. We also added smooth animations that bring joy.

Offline Support: Being able to use the app where ever you are, no matter the circumstances, was a crucial goal from the product-business perspective. To make it possible, we have implemented a stable framework for hassle-free data synchronization including big media files.

Expanding beyond the U.S. was a key business step for the dscout team. Localizing the app into several languages drastically increased the worldwide product range.

With over 3 years of iteration and maintenance, testing has played a big role in the app's development. Any tiny bug would be followed with lots of complaints from daily users. Continuous Integration and thorough testing gave us an almost crash-free app.

Team members: 


Building a stable iOS app that will develop and pivot in the future.

Building the app from scratch that is easy to use right away despite complex business logic.

Efficient workflow with a team in a different time zone.

Ability to use the app in an offline mode and to synchronize data transparently when the connection is back.

Scaling the app worldwide and supporting multiple language versions.

Team members: 

Transcript view

Dscout database collects all audio and video feedback sessions from its customers. To make navigation easier each feedback session is transcripted.

Customised admin panel allows our client to find a need information in seconds.

Adding comments and marking interesting records helps clients to organize database based on his current needs.

A structure of the admin panel is also ready for the further app changes, like adding a new source or type of data.

Team members: 
Key Features
Moments-based research

dscout captures thoughts, reactions and behaviors as they happen. We deliver quantifiable data — in the form of videos, voices, images and text.

Custom Camera

dscout comes with a custom camera component that gives full control over videos and photos taken. We started from scratch with all the core features combined with a set of powerful editing tools.


Keeping data synced properly is a challenge. We made no compromises here and put all our efforts into making it transparent and easy to use.

Director of Engineering at dscout

We've worked with Prismake for the past 3 years and find them to be reliable, trusted thought partners who excel at mobile experience and UI design.

They've been flexible in working with us and available at various hours to support US time zone differences.

As our business has grown and evolved, Prismake has been able to match our needs and hire in areas where we've needed extra help. This has enabled us to move faster, be more efficient, and focus on the number of other things important in growing a startup.

The Prismake team always brings a friendly, can-do attitude to new projects and are a delight to work with.

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