Race Dash

Race Dash delivers results and information from motorsports events from all over the world. When the chequered flag comes out, the results come in – straight to the app. Being up to date in the world of motorsports was never easier.

Our Role
UI/UX Design
Startup & Business Consulting
iOS App Development
Backend Development (GraphQL)

Timeline milestones

Initial Market Research: Before we started working on a prototype, Justyna conducted a series of interviews with sport commentators and Racing Sports Fans. In this way, we made sure that we understood their problems and needs.

UX Prototyping: Nic worked with the client to create an engaging and simple user experience.

User Interviews: Before the development stage, we've tested the UX mockups with potential app users.

UI Design: Nic proposed multiple versions of visual interface and brand identity ideas.

Development: Przemek and Adam developed backend as well as frontend.

Testing: Final polishing of the product and gathering first user's feedback.

Team members: 


Data management- every race series has its own specifications, like: number of races, drivers, results and own season calendar. Building a data infrastructure that handles all the changing factors was a crucial part of the project. Trhough the weeks of continous improvement and quality assurance tests we're finnaly on the good track.

Choosing the key features - thanks to a series of user interviews and workshops with our client, we reduced the number of key features that will help us to validate the main business hypothesis. For a few weeks, we had to understand the nature of the Racing Sport and make sure that our minimum version of Race Dash will validate all the crucial business hypothesis.

Team members: 

Rapid backend development

To validate first version of our infrastructure, we wanted to iterate quickly over our data structures. We needed to manage huge ammount of all races results from many series like Formula 1.

We've decided to use BaaS provider graph.cool that allowed us to deliver first version of working app before the end of all races seasons.

Team members: 

Customized admin panel

To handle multiple motorsport series, we needed to find an easy way to manage and edit a huge amount of data.

Our simple admin panel allows non-technical people to make manual changes in the app. Keeping control over the data accuracy is a crucial aspect of Race Dash app.

By a few clicks, our client can add a new race or edit information about the driver.

The admin panel helps also to see the entire database in seconds.

Team members: 
Key Features
Customised notifications

Receive push notifications with results based on your preferences. No more spam. Get the needed information in seconds.

User engagement

Can you predict what will happen, before it happens? Test your knowledge in our polls. To add some joy to the app we decided to implement a simple gamification system and let everyone to bet on races results.

Breaking news in real time

Information and results from motorsports events from all over the world. New series added continuously.

Erik Stenborg
RaceDash CEO

We came to Prismake with an idea. They worked with us, asked us the hard questions, tweaked it, came with new input, tweaked it again, worked hard long hours - and now the app is a reality. I can truly say it has been a joy to work with the Prismake team for the past year launching Race Dash to market. Their professionalism, good taste and work ethic goes above and beyond in every conceivable shape and form.

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