Front-End Developer

Prismake is looking for front-end developer (React) 😇.

Who we are?
a tight-knit team of professionals with a fresh look on the tech world
proud of successfully conducting numerous mobile projects & gaining a bunch of satisfied customers
constantly learning and trying to make Prismake a better place to work and growth
have at least 1 year of experience in the IT world
are proud of your web development experience and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
have experience with graphQL or would like to obtain it
have knowledge of mobile application development (especially React and React Native)
are familiar with react data flow management solutions (we like both redux and mobx)
don’t have a hard time styling complex layouts that adjust to screen size and changing requirements over time (we use styled-components)
have good command of English (including tech documentation)
know how to organize your code to avoid ending up in a mess
follow tech news and try to apply them in your work environment
You will get...
flexible working hours and possibility to work remotely whenever you need
a cool office environment with even cooler people
hundreds of Pandas to cheer you up or code with you
liters of hot wine and other energy drinks
+ whatever you wish for :)
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