iOS Developer

Only true Apple Fanboys & Fangirls welcomed.

Who we are?
A tight-knit team of professionals with a fresh look on the mobile world,
Born in Dragon Valley, surrounded by a fancy startup community,
Proud of successfully conducting numerous mobile projects & gaining a bunch of satisfied customers,
Growing like crazy to become millionaires.
Have 1-2 years of the experience in building stable iOS applications that scale,
Know how to organize your code to avoid ending up in a mess,
Know good Swift and Objective-C coding conventions,
Speak English fluently so you can communicate technical details,
Are curious: read blogs, listen to podcasts, follow great devs on Twitter,
Don’t just copy-and-paste open-source frameworks that do things for you,
Are able to sit next to us and have some fun writing little app with jumping pandas in minutes.
You will get...
Flexible working hours
A cool office environment - Star Wars T-shirts accepted,
Gummy bears and yummy goodies waiting in the kitchen,
To work remotely whenever you need,
Hundreds of Pandas to cheer you up or code with you,
Liters of hot wine and other energy drinks,
+ whatever you wish for :)
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