Sales Specialist

You know how to combine sales with a business mindset.

Who we are?
The Software Home 🏠 focused on mobile and web applications from medicine, sports and business industry that have meaningful impact on our lives,
A team of professionals with a fresh look on the mobile & tech world,
Proud of successfully conducting numerous mobile projects & gaining a bunch of satisfied customers,
Productivity freaks & [coffee lovers](
Are empathetic and know how to listen and understand clients needs,
Have experience in prospecting and sales,
Know how to build measurable and scalable sales process,
Know how to translate chaos into order using CRM,
Have analytics approach and measure effectiveness of your work,
Read books, go to conferences and in general - seek for knowledge and getting better and better in your profession,
Are ready to onboard new clients and make them feel like at home,
Would like to build and distributing targeted marketing campaigns,
Know how to conduct market research to understand market needs and obtain potential leads,
Have basic understanding about startups, tech and people,
Have an excellent command of written and spoken English.
You will get...
A place to learn and boost your career. An environment that enhances extreme ownership,
A chance to work with people who are not trapped in a dogma of blindlessly repeating others. We try to do things our own way,
Flexible working hours (and place of work - a chance to work remotely),
Gummy bears and goodies in the kitchen (because we’re all kids in our hearts),
One special beloved energy drink - coffee,
+ Whatever you wish for within our budget :)
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