Lekolia is a mobile app for doctors that helps with their daily tasks by making the process of issuing prescriptions quicker and mistake-proof. With a huge database of medications Lekolia can provide information about reimbursed medication and new findings within seconds.

Mission behind lekolia

The process of issuing a prescription is quite complex. Lekolia helps in focusing on treatment instead of paperwork and helps with researching new medications for rare diseases.

Reimbursement rates.

In Poland, doctors are required to remember the refund percentage of every medication. Lekolia makes it easy to search medications and gives an easy access to a huge database and powerful search algorithms and relevant suggestions.

Web panel.

We designed Lekolia as a mobile first product but after consultations with real Doctors we decided to create also a web panel that makes our database of medications available from every device.


Safety of the patients is the highest value when building a healthcare product. From the very beginning, we were strict about making sure that we can present only valid data to the doctors, so the chance of making a mistake would vanish.

Team members: 
Key Features
Disease and medications database.

Huge database and powerful search algorithm optimises time of issuing prescriptions.


Keeping data synced properly is a challenge. We made no compromises here and put all our efforts into making it transparent and easy to use.

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