Snowcookie helps everyone who wants to learn how to ski. By integrating powerful hardware and software, skiing as we know it will be a thing of the past. Meet Snowcookie - your next personal ski trainer.

Our Role
iOS App Development
Tech Advisory
Front-End Development
Back-End Development


Snowcookie’s mission is to revolutionize the way amateurs and professionals learn to ski. By analyzing every aspect of their run such as: speed, angular velocities and orientation of their skis, the app provides useful tips on how to get better.

Timeline milestones

Map visualization. Getting lots of data is one thing. Showing it to the user is a whole different story. We challenged ourselves to find the best way to visualize complex analysis on the map efficiently.

Bluetooth sensors integration. Snowcookie integrates with three independent bluetooth sensors and exchange data 50 times a second. Our goal has been building a modular framework that manages connection, exchanging data and errors handling.

Web development. Mobile devices have its limits. After building solid mobile app, our next step has been web platform that takes over heavy calculations and manages data synchronization. Also, ski resorts can use our web platform to get useful insights about skiers in their area.

Team members: 


• Efficiently process sensors data transmitted to the app 50 times a second.

• Ensure long battery life under hard circumstances, like poor weather conditions (low temperature, constant communication over Bluetooth).

• Visualize skiing data on the map in a beautiful and understandable way.

• Advise on the app’s architecture to ensure stability for a long time.

• Testing. You can't understand final users if you don't get into their shoes. Using the app in a warm office is nothing like using it on a frozen slope. Throughout the app's development, the team was skiing and testing the app in real-life scenarios.

Customized admin panel

Seeing your entire database in one big picture makes data management easier and saves time.

You don't have to have a tech background to easily navigate inside Snowcookie's admin panel. Create a new challenge for users, manage gathered data or add a new record in seconds.

Analyze user data with ease. Filter and view the needed data inside the panel or export it to CSV file.

One place to manage software and hardware settings.

Team members: 
Key Features
Ski coaching in the real-time

Thanks to Bluetooth communication with snowcookie tags we share immediately share feedback with the user. Gathering data from 3 sensors simultaneously at a 50Hz frequency, in rough conditions (snow, low temperature) is not the easiest task... but it is doable! ;)

Customised Maps

A great amount of data brings the challenge of properly visualizing it on a small mobile screen. We've built a custom framework for efficient drawing on maps.

Take a challenge!

How to motivate yourself to learn faster? Let's track your learning process and set individual goals. Invite friends, set group challenges and compare your achievements.

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