Prototype your mobile animations, fast and easy. Whether you’re a developer or a designer - Juice app saves hours of your work. Juice helps you visualize your animation ideas. Now you can quickly build animation, record it or generate all the attributes that fit perfectly into your swift code.


  • Adding joy to the prototyping process for both designers and developers.
  • Building a juicy MVP that validates our hypothesis but also catches the user's attention.
  • Considering the user's actions and needs when it comes to prototyping.
Team members: 

Timeline milestones

Idea. During another product development, we constantly prototype different animations. We notice there's no tool on the market that enables prototyping right on the final device.

Action. Prismake's team built a quick prototype and won the WWDC ticket as a reward.

Plan. We want to support the community and enable building greater products. That's why we will open-source the entire codebase.

Key Features
Mobile first animation prototyping tool

Juice. enables you to create every animation you want in a matter of second.

Every small parameter matters

Adjust damping, delay and all crucial conditions. Add spring to your animation with one tap.

Use a variety of animations

Translate, scale, rotate, change opacity and corner radius with no limits.

Powerful groups of animations

Combine and manipulate to get perfectly juicy animations.

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