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Our Role
iOS & Android App Developmet
Tech Advisory
UI/UX Design
Marketing & PR Support


Paperity is the way towards more efficient scholarly communication in all research fields, from Sciences, Technology,

Medicine, to Social Sciences, to Humanities and Arts. Our ultimate goal is to aggregate 100% of Open Access literature, published at any place around the world, in any field of research.

Timeline milestones

UI/UX design: In the beginning, Nic proposed a visual interface based on provided specifications.

Design iterations: based on gathered feedback, design was modified to match the client's preferences.

Using React-Native: enabled Artur to build a powerfull Paperity App for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Marketing & PR Support: after product launching, we helped Paperity to promote mobile apps among current and potential new users.


Creating a simple user flow that enables fast search for a particular journal or paper in mere seconds.

Using React Native to build the Android and the iOS app at the same time.

Making sure that Paperity works smoothly on both platforms.

Reaching out Science Environment and gathering their feedback.

Team members: 
Key Features
Access to Open Science anywhere any time

Browse all the journals and articles on your mobile.

All in one

Enjoy thousands of journals from hundreds of disciplines, in one central location.

Easy & Fast Search

Find papers and their full text for specific keywords, phrases, authors, publication dates, languages, countries of origin."

Marcin Wojnarski
Paperity CEO

It was real pleasure to work with Prismake on developing Paperity Reader app. Prismake delivered top-notch software and introduced all enhancements we asked for during the development cycle. The application does everything it should and features very clean and cute design. Great kudos to all Prismake team!

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